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Murray Hallam’s Aquaponics Videos

June 1, 2010

Last night I had the indulgent pleasure of watching Murray Hallam’s most recent aquaponics video – Aquaponics Secrets.  Why “indulgent”, you ask?  I chose that word because it describes what it is to squirrel away by yourself (unless you are lucky enough to have other aquaponic addicts in your house) and spend an afternoon in Australia learning from the master himself.   You dig your hands into his worm filled gravel, gaze in envy at his Sleepy Cod, take notes on how to set up your plumbing or size your pump, and revel in his boundless enthusiasm for the natural system that is aquaponics.

Murray’s first video, Aquaponics Made Easy, is intended for the beginning aquapon.  It starts with a basic explanation of aquaponicsMurray Hallam's Aquaponics Made Easy Video followed by step by step guidance for setting up one of his Practical Aquaponics kit systems.  Don’t be thrown off by this.  These kits are very thoughtfully designed and there is much DIY information to be extracted from his explanation of why he did what he did.  He follows this with an explanation of auto-siphons, how to set up and plant a grow bed, and cycling a system.  He then talks about how to test your system and what to look for, when a system is truly balanced and discusses fish and plant selection and care.  He concludes with a radical departure from how he began by showing us how to build a bathtub aquaponics system.

Here is a YouTube teaser of the video

Murray HallamHis second video is titled Aquaponic Secrets.  This video adds a library of valuable tips that most any aquaponic gardener will find quite useful.  Highlights from this video include a discussion of grow bed zones and the use of vertical space, growing fruit trees in aquaponic systems, tips on fish care including stress and salt baths, and how to keep your tank clean and well aerated.  He also shows his seed starting technique and discusses additives.  He talks about different system types, including his famous CHOP system (constant height one pump), auto siphon tips, and his new raft system design.  He even has a section on commercial aquaponics.

These two videos deserve a starring role on the video shelf of every aquaponic gardener!

When Murray asked our new company, The Aquaponic Source, to be one of two American retailers for his videos we jumped at the chance.  To celebrate we are offering free shipping on any Murray Hallam video until the initial shipment runs out.

Please note that these videos are in PAL format which will play very well on your PC or Mac and the very latest multi format DVD players.

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  1. June 3, 2010 8:40 am

    Quite an interesting read, found your site via Google. The video is quite informative, I’ll need to see about buying one of the books!

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