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Hello world!

December 31, 2009

Hi everyone.  This is my first post and I feel like Julie Powell in the movie Julie Julia.  Will anyone ever read this?  More importantly, are there more than a dozen of us out there who are passionate about aquaponics?  I think so.  My google alerts for aquaponics gets filled up with fascinating (well, ok, at least I think so) stories from around the country of hobbiests, new articles, etc.  Problem is this is such a new way to grow (a “growing industry” for the punsters out there) that we all need a way to find each other and learn from each other.

So, here’s what I’d like to.  I’ve established a Ning page for us to all get together and share pictures and videos.  Best part is there is a forum so we can ask questions of each other without filling up people’s inboxes.    The address is  PLEASE participate!  Together we can tell the world about this amazing, sustainable, weed-free (!), low water way to grow just about anything.

Oh, and my New Year’s resolution for this blog is to commit to at least one, hopefully two, musings a week about aquaponic gardening.  Hopefully you will let me know what you find interesting and what is pure tripe and dribble.

Now, if  I could only get excited about Twitter…

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